Unfortunately, due to the school having a water leak, the club will have no water from Monday 8th for approximately 3 days. However, we have tried to tap in to a different supply and hopefully this will serve the club only, whilst the water is off.

However, this will not be able to reach the pool, therefore, from 8.30am on Monday 8th July, the pool showers & toilets will not be in use for at least 3 days, the changing rooms will only be open for changing. You are welcome to use the clubs main showers & toilets. Please be aware that the club does not open until 8.30am so no swimmers will be allowed to swim until then.

If the water supply we have managed to tap in to has to go off as well, unfortunately we are afraid we will have to close the club & pool until the water is back on. We will keep you all informed of the situation.

As always, we apologise for this inconvenience & thank you for your continued co-operation.