The Club is deeply saddened to inform members of the loss of dear Judith on Friday last.

This was an incredible shock to us all after such a short illness.

Judith was an incredibly keen swimmer & enjoyed many of our Aerobics Classes. During the Covid lockdowns, she was most supportive of all the online classes & missed hardly any.

Judith was very popular & will be dreadfully missed by all who knew her.

The club sends its heartfelt condolences at this very sad time & would like Richard & his family to know, they are in all our thoughts & prayers.

Richard asked us to allow him a message to all members. It is below.

My beautiful wife Judith passed away on Friday 6th August.  Judith was diagnosed two months ago with lung cancer.  Judith did not smoke and there had been no prior symptoms or any indications of the illness.  Judith faced the illness with her typical strength and pragmatism and, although she bravely fought the illness, it was simply just too advanced and too aggressive to enable the treatment given to her to have an opportunity to work. Judith passed quietly surrounded by our loving and wonderful children and me.

A light has gone out of our world, but I know how lucky my family and I are to know, to love, and to be loved by, my beautiful wife and loving and caring mother.