Friday 13th September

To update you all, much fun was had on Friday 9th social tennis, with the theme of Youth vs Experience….sadly, we were rained off after only 2 of the 3 rounds, with the Youngsters in a commanding position with 66 points versus the Oldsters who had only 56 points….but who knows what would have happened in Round 3?!?!?? Big thanks to Jackie Jarvis for her help on the night and Rob for doing such a good draw.

As the Experienced Team are keen to get revenge (and see if they can do any better on a 2nd attempt), we have arranged round 2 for Friday 13th September, where we will be holding another tennis social with the same theme. This social event will also be the same evening of the squash finals, of which there is going to be a very special food arrangement, namely a Hog Roast! The cost for this will be £10 (it is optional however if you don’t want food after… and any special requests are catered for, please just ask)

So, with that in mind, please do email / Whatsapp (07907 634530) Justin directly if you’d like to play in Battle of the Ages: Part II (revenge of the oldsters…)… there were plenty of people away over the 9th, so this is a chance to get in on the fun. Apparently some are sneaking in extra training sessions…. but you can just turn up and play.

Battle of The Ages 2