Lexden is proud to announce we have entered the National Club Championships 2019 this season. The competition begins with regional group stages then culminates in national playoffs. We know some strong teams will be in our region and we look forward to some exciting matches! We will publish the fixture list when available. An overview of the competition can be seen here: https://www.englandsquash.com/events/single/11546

The teams that have been entered are:

Senior Men (4 man team)

  • Owain Taylor
  • Aaron Allpress
  • Paul Allen
  • Neil Cross (C)
  • Andy Hynes
  • Kieran Hillman
  • Ross Brown
  • Chris Wheat

Racketball Men (4 man team)

  • Paul Allen (C)
  • Chris Wheat
  • Dan Wheeler
  • Pete Kligerman
  • Alex Shuter
  • Haydon Smith
  • Matt Deane
  • Tom Smith-Evans 

Junior Mixed (2x boys & 1x girl per team. 2 teams entered)

  • Travis Tatum
  • Michael Tallentire
  • Mikayla Mann
  • Joel Braddock
  • Stan Sykes
  • Lara Newton
  • Timmy Bacon
  • Harry Martin
  • Max Chilver
  • Amy Aspinall
  • Ellie Hewes
  • Elli Barrott