We are finally in a position to get the Lexden Squash Summer Fun Leagues back up and running after a 3 year absence!.

As you can see, there are 8 fixtures planned, and there are big squads so there is no expectation for people to play every week. Just play and enjoy it as and when you can.

Format is as follows:

  • Teams of 6 players
  • 2x squash matches, 1x racketball match, 1x choice of squash or racketball, 1x squash doubles match
  • Play 3 games, scores can be 3-0 or 2-1. Squash is PAR 15 scoring. Racketball & Doubles are PAR 11.
  • For every game you lose, you start with +3 (to 15) or +2 points (to 11) and if you are 2-0 down that becomes +4 or +6
  • Every game counts as a point for the team
  • Bonus points are awarded for having a full team, and for fielding a lady player or U16 junior as well as Player of the Night
  • Penalty points will be dished out for forgetting it’s a fun event and getting too competitive!
  • Players can play twice if needed on the night to fill up the fixtures.
  • Where there are more than 6 players available, captains can arrange extra matches and keep the points

Matches all will start at 6.40pm with the exception of finals night, and we will do food and hopefully live entertainment afteraward!

For those who have played finals nights before, we will revert to timed matches then our famous one-point shootout.

Hope you all enjoy.